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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:00 am    Post subject:

A quick look on the armory shows that Exrayy is on Grim Batol in a guild called Entropy, this site is for Entropy on Bronzebeard/Aerie Peak. Hope you find the right site Happy

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:27 am    Post subject: App: HawxHunter

The application submitted by HawxHunter is as follows:

Your Name:

Where are you from?:

When did you start playing? Why?:
Around half way through MOP, because the expansion looked great and I have never played a game like WoW before, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Character Name,Class,Spec,Server:
Ekul, Retribution Paladin, Grim Batol EU

Armoury Link: (Please log out in raiding gear and spec):

Wowprogress link::

What is your age (18+)?:

Warcraft Logs or World of Logs parses link (go onto and type in your character(s) name):
I could not get this to function properly, my apologies!

What site do you use as your main source of information regarding your class/spec/gear? :

What is your prefered spec to raid/pvp with and why? :
Retribution/DPS. I enjoy dealing damage, and over all being in the midst of the battle. I don't really enjoy healing as much as I prefer to be the one killing things.

How long have you been playing this character and what is it's /played time?:
2 days, 20 hours. It's a fairly new character, but I really did fall in love with the Retribution Paladin, and I now consider him to be my main character.

Do you have any alts that you can play on a level equal to your main(Class and Spec)?:
I have an Arms/fury warrior, that used to be my main, until I discovered the paladin.

Do you have a raid viable gear set for your offspec?:
I do not have an offspec currently, so the answer is no. But, if that is required, I can certainly do so.

What are your usual playing times? (Please see our raid times):
Since it is the summer, I played everyday for at least 6 hours.

Please list all relevant previous and current guilds of your characters on this server and reason(s) for leaving. If server transfer, please provide old server name and guilds.:
My only other guild was my own, which I left ofcourse to try and get into a good and quality raiding guild/

What previous PvE and PvP experience do you have? :
In MOP, I only did LFR, as that is all I new how to do. But since WOD's release, I have done most raids on normal+ but not all bosses. My Paladin, has very few raids completed, as he is fairly new.

We raid 4 nights a week. What kind of raid attendance can we expect from you? And are you able to stay if the raid exceeds normal times?:
You can expect great attendance from me indeed, unless I must do other personal issue's which rarely happen. And yes, I would be able to stay if the raids exceed normal times

Post a screenshot of your UI while in combat, using: (or similar site.) DO NOT MAKE AN APPLICATION WITHOUT COMPLETING THIS QUESTION :

Do you have a functioning headset/microphone?:

Do you have a stable internet connection and a PC that can handle 20+man raiding?:
Yes, definitely. From the previous question, I do have a headset, just not a functioning microphone, so I would be able to listen to every command/instruction but just not reply via voip.

What do you aim to achieve within WoW and Entropy?:
I am to achieve 13/13 NM HFC and also 13/13 HC HFC. Those are my main goals, as well as getting great gear ofcourse :)

Are you willing to join Entropy as a backup until space opens?:

Why should Entropy take you on board? What do you bring to us?:
Well, I would bring a Paladin to Entropy ofcourse, and another raider who is willing to try their very hardest to succeed in the midst of battle.

Do you have anyone in Entropy to vouch for you?:
I have spoken with Exrayy previously, although I don't think he could quite 'vouch' for me, as I haven't proven anything to him.

Have you applied to any other guilds? If so, why?:
No I have not.

Is there any other information you would like to share with us?:
No, not a thing.

How did you learn about Entropy?:
I saw Exrayy advertising the guild in chat.

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